Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014 weekly menu | week 32

all of my favorites from our favorite sushi place in fullerton - sushi momo.
it's midweek and i'm just getting around to posting our menu.  i guess it's been busy around here.  i am changing up our diet quite a bit; reading labels, putting things back on the shelf and eating a lot more fruit and vegetables and a lot less crackers and cookies.  more info on our dietary changes later.

this week jordan is at band camp all day.  so tiring for him.  the kids and i are hanging out at home, going swimming, reading, making popsicles, visiting our family, and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

i am doing a lot of cooking right now.  eating fresh takes a bit more work.

weekend eats
saturday: late lunch and then leftovers
sunday: chipotle salad

making this week
monday: turkey and vegetable chili
tuesday: turkey dogs and kale chips
wednesday: carnitas and rice
thursday: caldo de pollo
friday: pistacchio crusted salmon, roasted green beans and tomatoes

happy hump day.

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