Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014 weekly menu | week 33

are you sensing a pattern here?  weekly menu now on wednesdays. not motivated on monday to get this posted. but maybe midweek will inspire some good cookin'.

i've been so focused on the dietary changes that we are making that i feel like food is all i think about.  i haven't shared what we're doing because, to be honest, i wasn't sure if we could stick to it.  but we are two weeks into it and we're hanging in there.

b and i cut out all added sugar, gluten, dairy, processed food, and ALCOHOL!!  sound crazy?  it is.  it's a 30 day challenge and then we start adding some of it back slowly. you know what?  we feel great, sleep better, and  can see the physical changes already.  but it takes a lot of work.

hopefully we can make it to august 30.

weekend eats
saturday: lechón at our friends' house
sunday: leftovers

making this week
monday: roast chicken and vegetables
tuesday: pork chops, asparagus with prosciutto
wednesday: pasta (zucchini for us) with turkey sauce
thursday: salmon with mango and pineapple salsa, green beans
friday: burgers and oven fries

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