Friday, August 15, 2014

around here | august

we finally made it to the baseball exhibit at the ronald reagan library a few weekends ago.  such cool memorabilia including gloves, bats and the rarest baseball card.

we imagined sofia as the POTUS. 

and bobby catching snowballs with the gipper.

we had lechon at a friends' party.  they grill a pig every christmas but made a special summer one for those that can't make it over the holidays.  the meat was so juicy and tender.

photo credit: band mom laura w.
jordan has been at band camp for the last two weeks.  he is finally playing the snare (that's him in the red shirt on the right). he was excited to see his friends again and play the nd cheers.  we are looking forward to football games and parades.

someone else is learning to play the guitar.

we're eating organic eggs, avocado oil and sugar-free marinara and sausages and discovered some tasty food.

saw this on our run last week.  lucky for us it was in the parking lot on our way out.

she made strawberry and yogurt popsicles.

they played last weekend at amplify in hollywood and sounded better than ever.  looking forward to their next gig in september.

the club was across the street from our old workplace.  brought back so many memories of life as newlyweds wearing polyester suits, working tv show tapings and giving studio tours over 20 years ago!

patiently waiting for these to turn red.  trying not to water as often.

i got all 3 kids in to see the dr. for their check-ups before school started.  they are all growing way too fast.

unbelievably sad about his passing.  mork & mindy was a not-to-miss show for my sister and i. dead poets society came out when i was in college and inspired me to read leaves of grass and believe in my creative voice. bobby and i started dating after seeing aladin. he was on the paramount lot filming birdcage and would come out and harass our tours as we walked by. he was iconic and genius and will be missed.

enjoying 2.5 more weeks of summer with the littles.  getting ready for jordan to start his sophomore year next week.  getting haircuts and backpacks and school supplies for everyone. planning our trip to toronto. helping out the new pto and band boosters. going to the beach with friends. doing research for a fantasy football draft. visiting family. getting through 15 more days of whole30 eating. 

have a great weekend.

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