Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014 weekly menu | week 36

white wine spritzer
on saturday we finished our whole30 program.  we felt good making it a month without sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol and processed foods.  on sunday we had a breakfast casserole, cream in our coffee, drank wine, ate a panini with cheese and had homemade peach pie.  that's not the way you're supposed to transition back into everyday food.  but now that we have that out of our system, it's back to clean eating.

we had a great 3-day weekend taking a mini trip to san luis obispo and then hanging out by the pool.  it was the perfect way to cap off our summer.

this week is packed with lots of exciting things. our dinner schedule is likely to change since i have so much to do and get ready for before b & i head out of town. but it's a starting point.  

weekend eats
saturday: hamburgers, corn
sunday: chicken taco bar, fruit, peach pie
monday: bbq chicken, salad, baked potatoes, peach crisp with vanilla ice cream

making this week
tuesday: back to school picnic
wednesday: sushi and chinese food  to celebrate the first day of school and our anniversary
thursday: pizza
friday: turkey paninis, salad

i have schedules to figure out, carpools to organize, school paperwork to finish, lunches and snacks to prepare, laundry to get done, outfits to pick out, hair to get done, and hopefully a little sliver of time to take a breath and enjoy these moments.

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