Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the getty

one of the items on our summer to-do list was to visit a museum.  i give the kids' art teacher a lot of credit for inspiring them to learn about painters and works of art.  all three of them have an appreciation of art and self expression.  it's so important to me that they are creative. a bonus was getting to catch the herb ritts exhibit while it was there.  so off we went.

love that the museum has free admission, although parking was a little hectic.  i've only been to this museum once before when jordan was a little guy.  i only remembered the garden and seeing reese witherspoon with her daughter at the family center.
we started at the family center with lots of fun things for the kids to explore.
 and me too.
then it was off to the garden.
beautiful dahlias in every color.
peaceful spot with the most perfect weather.
then we took a break and got a snack.  this salsa was delicious.  i'm glad my mom was with me so we could figure out how to make it.

we went to the ritts exhibit and saw his famous photos of madonna, britney spears, and cindy crawford.  we navigated through the nude photos with care.  but i would love to go back and take my time admiring his work.
then it was on to the paintings.  it still blows me away that we can walk right up to a famous work of art that i've only seen in books.
we all loved the paintings by monet, van gogh and degas.  sofia was impressed to see the paintings in real life.  she kept saying "ms. bloom showed us that in class".  thanks ms. bloom!
and that ended our short visit.
the tram back to the parking lot was our last adventure.

cross another thing off the list.

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