Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hello august

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hello new month.
hello last month of our summer.
hello to crossing a few more things off our summer list.
hello to new adventures.
hello to old routines.

seriously this summer is zipping by.  school starts at the end of month and i am not quite ready, mentally or otherwise.  i've bought some books, some school supplies, zero clothes.  doing a lot of clearing out while the kids are away.

i have a few goals this month as we prepare for the change of pace that is back to school.

  • spend more mornings outside - having coffee, reading, writing this blog post, enjoying the sounds, the quiet and the coolness.
  • prepare - i've done pretty good so far.  working ahead to get things going for the pto.  a lot has been done already.  last week i did some research on high schools - that decision is coming up quickly. i'm working on a homework/organization system for the kids that will hopefully make the "i need a shoebox for my book report" , "when is your project due?", "mom, tomorrow is mixed up, crazy hat, pajama day" things a little easier.
  • grill once a week - come on, that should have been on my list at the beginning of the summer.  i find it easier to put the indoor grill on and not deal with the big outdoor grill.  but bobby grilled salmon and chicken last weekend and it was so good.  it's a must do this month.
  • take some pressure off - we've been relaxing mostly this summer, having fun and it feels great.  i've worked on being realistic about not taking on too much for me or the kids, honestly it's been easy.  i want to enjoy that feeling and commit to it in the coming months when it's not so easy to do, yeah december i'm talking about you.
  • start swimming - i'll admit, i'm inspired by the olympics. but swimming has always been a favorite sport of mine.  i took a class in college that gave me the fundamentals for all of the strokes.  i've been to enough of jordan's practices to do some drills and the y has an adult class to improve my stroke and endurance.  i would love to add a swim rotation to my workout schedule in the fall.
  • finish reading - i'll reserve my thoughts on gone girl until i am done. i'm also reading the creative habit and have two more books that i can't wait to start, animal, vegetable, miracle and quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking.  i've come to terms with the fact that i'm a very slow reader and that's ok - remember i'm taking the pressure off.  but i can't let that list get too big.  there are lots more books i would like to add.  might have to watch less olympics and read more if i want to finish before the end of the month...nah, go usa!
  • be all there - this month is going to go by even faster than the last two.  i want to enjoy these moments, the kids being stress free, having a lot of extra time, sleeping in, a few last getaways, 2 great celebrations, and some quiet family moments.  
ok august, let's make it a good one.  

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