Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the family reunion

last year as my cousins gathered for a housewarming and birthday party, claudia had the wonderful idea of organizing a family reunion.  but what was even more incredible about her idea was that she actually made it happen.  she didn't just put it out there and let it fade. she didn't wait for everyone to figure out a date that worked.  she thought it and did it.

from the beginning the date was set for july 14.  those that could make it would be there.  those that couldn't we would see them next time. we communicated via facebook.  claudia made sure that everyone was invited, had the information and just like that the first palacio family reunion was born.

we met in san diego where a lot of the family lives, or is close to.  all of my mom's brothers and sisters were there, and most of their families.

there was no real plan.  no extravaganza to prepare for.  no set schedule or agenda.  just a gathering spot, a loose menu and time together.

the location was perfect.  spanish landing in the port of san diego.  we had picnic tables, a play area and water for the kids to play in.

for lunch we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. then everyone brought something to share.  there was crab ceviche tostadas, my aunt's famous potato salad and lots of chips.

there was also a plan to take family photos of all who attended.

we have lots of family members that gather at occasions like this.  lots of stories to tell.  a few new family members to meet.  and some that we won't see again but are remembered (and missed) in these moments.

i know it made me feel nostalgic.  remembering the summers spent with my cousins, going shopping, on trips and  listening to music.  the jokes, lots of love, and some fighting thrown in.  it's all part of being a family.

both bobby and i come from big families and we are close to so many of them.  we know it's impossible to go to every birthday party, wedding, and, baby shower.  gatherings like this remind us how important it is to stay close and connected.

i love what claudia said during the picnic, through tear filled eyes, "i want my children to know my family."  it's that simple and true for so many of us.

we are a big family, growing every year, and that is a blessing.

thank you claudia for your hard work to bring us all together.  this will happen every year.  we will make sure of that.

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