Thursday, July 19, 2012

before & after + before & after

yesterday was a very special day around our house.  i honestly don't know who was more excited, me, sofia or jordan.  andrew was like, "huh?"

after almost 20 months jordan got his braces off.

here's the before and after then:

and here's the before and after from yesterday:

yes, i know he needs a haircut.  it's on the list for this week.  but can you believe how much he has changed?  that little boy is turning into a young man.  

and here's what the orthodontist gave him when he left.
a bottle of sparkling cider, and a bag filled with all of the things he couldn't eat with his braces on: popcorn, gum, skittles, and a lollipop.  most of the work was cosmetic which resulted in a quick treatment for him.  plus jordan did a great job taking care of his teeth during this time.  even through the pain he never complained or fussed.  it's another  testament to the wonderful person he is.

hooray for growing up and looking great.  congratulations jordan!

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Mackenzie said...

Woohoo! Enjoy the slippery feeling of your braces-free teeth!