Monday, July 30, 2012

weekly menu: week 31

the weekend is over and i didn't take many pictures to document it.  well, most of the pictures would have been of us glued to the tv watching the olympics.

friday we had breakfast at john o'groats.  my mom wanted andrew to try the lemon pancakes.  sofia got the chocolate chip pancakes and stated "I'm in pancake heaven".  then we went to the getty for some artistic inspiration.

the rest of the weekend we enjoyed some swimming, hanging out with out of town friends, dinner with my sis and brother-in-law and watching the olympics.

this coming week will be different.  the kids will be with grandma and grandpa tom until the wedding this weekend.  that means bobby and i have the week without kids.  what to do?  i know i will be getting myself, the house and our life ready for the fall.  as august quickly approaches we will be consumed with school (and all that it involves) before the end of the month.

so with just two of us home, what will we have for dinner?

making this week:
monday: turkey paninis, salad
tuesday: ??
wednesday:  ??
thursday: dinner out
friday: rehearsal dinner
saturday: wedding
sunday: ??

gonna play it by ear.  thinking one night of appetizers, one of leftovers, or maybe eating out all week. i'm up for anything.

enjoy the last 2 days of july.  looking forward to august.

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