Tuesday, July 17, 2012

mini vacation: san diego

i mentioned that we were not going on a big vacation this summer, but instead taking a few long weekend trips.

this past weekend we went to san diego for a family reunion, comicon and some time with family.

on friday the boys went to comicon so bobby could "work" and see some of his friends.  comicon is a huge convention for, well nerds.  (i say that only because the boys have admitted to it.)  it started as an event to exhibit comic books and other pop culture to fans.  it has turned into a huge 4-day spectacular  of cartoons, tv shows, toys, even movies.  bobby's been going for a few years now to connect with industry people. it seems that everyone goes to comicon.  jordan and andrew got to tag along and had the chance to see some of their favorite tv characters and "things" they like to do with their free time - minecraft, legos, halo. (see what i mean - nerds.)

they went to a panel for the regular show, a cartoon network show. a friend of ours is the voice of rigby. this show is a fan favorite.

they hung out with "the boy". jordan's classmate, basketball teammate, and good friend.

they saw storm troopers.

and were almost trampled by trolls.

my love, my precious and superman.  (you guess who is who)

it was a crazy time on the streets of downtown san diego.  people from all over the world were in costume, in character and probably in heaven.  next time i think i will spend a day just walking around downtown people watching.

sofia and i spent friday hanging out in east county with our hosts, the stephens.  we went swimming, read, and took pictures of these precious kids.

saturday we had a family reunion (more on that tomorrow).

then sunday we hung out with our cousins and just relaxed.
melissa and derek were so sweet to let the five of us crash at their place.  we know it was a lot of work to double the dishes and the food and the noise but we had a fabulous time. 

this was better than any resort.

the best part was watching the kids together.  they played ring around the rosie.
  and they all fell down.

the worst part was the five hour drive home.

thanks to all for making this a great weekend.  stay classy san diego.


Melissa said...

Oh no! So sorry about the 5 hour drive! We had a great time with you guys- come again anytime. You got some cute pics! Xoxo

nancy.s said...

"The Boy" loved having his friends there to share the experience with him. Thanks again for letting him hang out with you Friday evening!