Thursday, July 5, 2012

summer cocktail: strawberry lemonade sparkler

this one is good.  real good.
we made it yesterday for our 4th of july bbq.
we had raspberry vodka for some and i used real strawberries and regular vodka for the others.
they were delicious and so easy to make.
i found a recipe online that used strawberry vodka, lemon juice and simple syrup but i went the easy route and used lemonade instead.  
strawberry lemonade sparkler - adapted from here 
2 fresh strawberries - cut up and crushed
2 oz vodka
sparkling wine
mint and lemon peel for garnish
put crushed strawberries in a glass.  add vodka and stir together.  add lemonade, then top with sparkling wine. fill glass with ice.  garnish with strawberries, lemon peel and mint leaf.
you can add sparkling water instead of wine.  for the raspberry ones i still added the strawberries but it would have been great with raspberries.

we spent the 4th with my parents, swimming, playing cards and watching fireworks from their front lawn.  hope yours was happy and safe.

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