Monday, July 2, 2012

weekly menu: week 27

this week we officially start the second half of 2012.  crazy huh?

a recap of last week:
i only made one of the dinners from my menu last week.
i tried to make homemade bread. and it was a disaster.
i wanted to write a couple of blog posts but i stared at my computer with no words.
my patience was low and my creativity was even lower.

on the other hand:
jordan's team won their basketball game on saturday.
we went to the dodger game with friends.
the kids and i went to the farmer's market. we only bought kettle corn.
i ran 3.5 miles on saturday with my sister-in-law.
i had a great time hanging out with the family at a bridal shower yesterday.

in the end, it's all good. and another great week is ahead.  the holiday is right in the middle of the week and bobby has extra days off.   this could change things for dinner.  we'll see.

making this week:
monday: bbq salmon, roasted potatoes, green beans
tuesday: chinese chicken salad and dumplings
wednesday:  4th of july bbq
thursday: black bean and veggie burritos
friday: pizza
saturday: bridal shower tea party
sunday: marlin's team party

happy july!

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