Tuesday, July 3, 2012

checking in on 2012 goals

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.”

-Bob Moawad

like i mentioned yesterday we are 1/2 way through the year.  what a better time to check in with the goals i set at the beginning of the year.  i feel like i am constantly trying to be better, follow through and live happy.

i went through each of my goals and here's where i stand:

1.  read more:  eh.  it's going ok.  i read the first two hunger games books. but then stalled.  i am currently reading the happiness project.  reading it month by month.  i have 2 books on my list now: the creative habit by twyla tharp will arrive on friday via amazon. and a few people recommended gone girl by gillian flynn.  i am number 722 on the library wait list with only 55 copies circulating so i may have to get it for the kindle instead.  i realize that i just don't make the time to read.  if i set aside 30 minutes everyday i'm sure i could get through more books, and would probably end up reading longer than 30 minutes.

2. put things in order:  another hard one.  straightening up is one thing, keeping things straight is a whole other story.  in a house of five people who use five different things and then don't put them back, things are left on the counter, floor or table and soon there are 20 things hanging around.  so the rule is you take it out, you put it back.  papers, papers, papers.  it's never-ending.  but it can be organized.  and it's not that hard.  it goes with #5, just deal with it right away. it's a work in progress.

3.  challenge myself physically: finally, something i can completely check off the list.  done that.  felt good.  and i want to continue to challenge myself.  my body has changed as a result of this goal and i don't ever want to go back.  i feel good about myself, and want to feel better. so what's next?  a new challenge.  another 1/2 marathon is likely in the fall.  i'm hoping to maintain my running in the summer at least a few days a week.  also need to do some strength training.

4. explore creative avenues:  i finished the scarf.  but it took me a while so i won't get to wear it until the weather gets colder.  hoping to sew a simple skirt for the summer.  and looking forward to getting messy with paint on a few projects.

5. deal with stuff right away:  another difficult habit to break.  honestly, it's about facing my fear, not letting the stack get too big, making that phone call, letting things go.  it takes some bravery, putting on my big girl pants and just doing it.  another work in progress.  a lot of room for improvement.  one of the motivators will be my role as pto president in the fall.  you can't let things go too long without dealing with them.  organization is key.  be on top of it before it's too late.  communicate. that will be the true test.

6. grow my blog: this is the goal i think about most often.  i've been debating starting fresh.  keeping this my personal blog and starting a new one that i can send out to the bigger world.  it's tough  figuring it all out; what to write about, what is my niche, who is my reader.  i would love to have a blog like her.  only i'm 15 years older and i have 3 kids and i don't have has as much energy or gumption as she does. the wheels are constantly turning.

new goals:
choose happiness: i have learned so much about happiness over the last six months.  mainly that it is a choice. there are many times this is not easy.  i get into a mood and i kind of like it there.  but not really.  so i choose to be happy.  think positive.  it works.  most of the time.  laugh more.  be present.  feel happy in my soul.

take risks: i am definitely a play it safe kind of girl.  my comfort zone is safe and cozy.  we tell the kids all the time, try it, take a chance.  see if you like it.  it's time i start doing the same.  don't set limits on myself.  don't think i can't if i haven't even tried. be honest.  seek new adventures.  don't be lazy. don't take the easy way out. but be ok with it not working out.  the reward is so much better than the regret.

there it is.  lots to do over the next six months.

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