Monday, April 23, 2012

weekly menu:: week 17

chicken fajitas

even i don't believe myself anymore when i say the week will be a little calmer.  it never is, no matter how hard i try.  and this coming week is looking hectic so i know to be prepared.

baseball practice and game, two school meetings, sofia's kindergarten performance, school's open house, olympic projects due for each child, a video to finish and a 40 mile run week.  ay, ya, ya.  if there was ever a time to hire a chef, maid, nanny, trainer and personal assistant, this would be that week.

and to make life a little more... interesting, i am participating in a week in the life.  it is such a fun project to do but i hope i can get through the week with enough pictures.  there will certainly be a lot to photograph.  so if i make it, it will be fun to have a record of what this week looked like.  you can see my posts from previous years here.

hoping for the best.

making this week:
monday: pasta and salad (most likely ravioli)
tuesday: chicken tostadas
wednesday: tuscan white bean soup (i might add some turkey sausage)
thursday: chicken and hummus wraps 
friday: pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday: bbq salmon, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus

baking this week: 
baking some cookies for the treat sale on tuesday.  seriously considering something easy like s'mores for a crowd.

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Sandy said...

I don't know that you'd know what to do with yourself if your life was calm, SIL! LOL!! I hope you can find a few minutes to breathe this week and can't wait to see the pics! <3