Thursday, April 5, 2012

pinterest:: some of my favorites

still talking pinterest.

here are some of my favorite pins lately:

from my style board

Source: via Gioconda on Pinterest

which resulted in this (minus the professional manicure)

this idea

that resulted in this

love this look

want to do something like this for our important dates

Source: via Gioconda on Pinterest

make this for one of our many road trips

this rainbow salad

that i made for a bachelorette getaway.

and i'll be making this for breakfast this morning

lots of inspiration.


Sarah said...

Love the inspiration. I haven't had the time to get sucked into pinterest, but when I do... Thanks for the other post as well, I feel more prepared for pinterest!

Mackenzie said...

Oh, how I love pinterest! I have many wonderful ideas and inspiration from things I've found on there. And I can't wait to test all of them out!