Thursday, April 12, 2012

spring break in an {egg}shell

we had a wonderful 10 1/2 days off from school.  i knew we all needed it but i didn't know how much we needed it. taking a break from schedules, homework, being on time and in a hurry.  the days off were about catching our breathe and getting some energy back.

here's some of the highlights.
going to in-n-out for strawberry shakes on the first day of spring break.
going to sky high with some friends to literally bounce off the walls.
starting work on the yard and making plans for a brick planter and some flowers.
taking all 3 kids to the dentist and getting 3 perfect exams.  i wish he would have scared them a little.  they had too much fun and now i can't hold going to the dentist against them.
picking up jordan after a sleepover where he didn't sleep at all and watching him fall asleep at lunch.
having lunch at corner bakery.
coloring easter eggs with grandma and grandpa tom.

an unforgettable good friday service then getting fish tacos for dinner.

going out for a 6 mile run, but actually running 8.6 miles.
getting much needed haircuts. is this the before or after shot?
having dinner at cafe firenze - will share more on this later.
brunch and easter egg hunt with grandpa bob and d.

taking a nap on sunday afternoon and watching bubba watson win the masters.  yes, i was crying.

and then it was monday and we were back at school, back at work and back to the craziness of everyday life.

looking forward to the next break.

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Mackenzie said...

I wish we got spring break...pretty sure Jeff and I could use a week off right about now!