Monday, April 16, 2012

weekly menu:: week 16

bbq meatball sliders
phew.  made it through another busy week.  i have lots of photos and ideas to share this week.

i've said this before, but this time i really mean it:  this week is going to be calmer.  no big events to organize but still places to go and things to get done.

and of course, more running.  we are 4 weeks away from the race.  this week i have to log in 35 miles. that includes a 10 mile run on saturday, the longest run to date.  i've been able to consistently add miles each week so i know it's possible.  but 10 miles will be huge for me, HUGE.  wish me luck.

making this week:
monday: chicken fajitas, salsa roja
tuesday: hot dogs, carrots and applesauce
wednesday: asian noodle salad with edamame
friday: pizza
saturday: chicken blt wraps
sunday: eat out

baking this week: 
tuscan lemon muffins - it sounds good as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

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Sandy said...

Those BBQ Sliders were the bomb!!! Yumm!! :)