Thursday, April 19, 2012

teacher appreciation luncheon

last week the pto celebrated the wonderful teachers and staff at our school.  we had various events throughout the week, including a coffee cart that made each teacher a warm beverage in the morning, a car wash which was postponed due to the rain, a card, flower or small gift that the students brought in to say thank you.  and on friday we had a luncheon for them.

these luncheons are my favorite events of the year.  a chance to show our appreciation to the wonderful teachers and staff at our school.  i see it as throwing them a party.

we usually have the luncheon outside on our field, but the threat of rain, and the eventual downpour, led us into a classroom.

i set the menu and then requested volunteers to bring in items.  parents love to help at this event, so it's usually pretty easy to get people to bring things.

the menu:
3 types of paninis: turkey and provolone, chicken pomodoro, grilled vegetable
deli tray and matzo for those who were observing passover
caesar salad
ramen noodle salad
fruit salad
dessert:  cookies, brownies, mini cupcakes, gluten free coffee cake and matzo cookies
drinks: soda, water and coffee
i had wonderful ladies helping me out with set up of the classroom and making the sandwiches.
photo from michelle sardella
photo from michelle sardella
despite the rain/lighting/thunderstorm/flooding we were able to move what we needed and set up an inviting atmosphere for the teachers to relax and enjoy some yummy food.

and they did.

oh, and i forgot to mention that we blew a fuse by plugging in 3 panini makers and a huge coffee pot  at the same time.  panic hit me at that point, but it all worked out as it usually does.

after every luncheon, seeing the teachers so happy makes me want to do this more often during the year. but it takes work and a lot of help to pull this together.  and next time we need to do something about the weather.

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