Tuesday, April 3, 2012

happy pinning

so it seems like a lot of you are on pinterest.  and some of you aren't quite sure what to do with it.  i joined pinterest when it was just getting started.  i never had a tumblr site and would bookmark pages on the web when i saw something i liked.  pinterest makes that so much easier.

while i'm navigating the world wide web i'll see something that i want to remember; a recipe, a photograph, an outfit.  instead of bookmarking the entire site i "pin it" using the "pin it" button on my toolbar.  imagine it being like a virtual bulletin board without the hassle of tacks.
i have created boards of categories that work for me:
my style - fashion

when i pin something it goes onto one of those boards.  then when i'm looking for a recipe, outfit or scrapbook layout i can refer to one of those boards and get inspired.

it's also great because you can follow people.  i follow some of my favorite scrapbookers, photographers and friends.  you can see what they are pinning and "like" or "repin" onto your own boards.  this is where you get sucked in.  looking at everyone else's boards and clicking links.  but it's so fun.

the key is to remember that most of the things you pin are someone's else's creative property, ideas, images, faces.  be cautious when you pin.  pin from the original source.  many times i will be on the boards and see something that i like but when i click on the image (that should take you back to the website where it was pinned from) it takes me to google images or tumblr.  that is not the original source.  i don't pin those images.  instead i will try to find the site that it came from or i don't pin it. (i didn't follow this rule at the beginning.  and if i see something that i really love but can't find the original source i will pin it just for inspiration. i would never use something on my blog without the original source.) i believe in rights and respecting people's property.  i would want others to do the same for me.  so keep that in mind when you are pinning.

other than that, there's a whole lot of fun and inspiration to be had.

you can check out my pins and follow me here.

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