Wednesday, April 25, 2012

taking a breath

it's getting harder these days to do that.  i've skipped my yoga class 2 weeks in a row because training has taken over my life, so i'm a little out of practice.

i am running everyday. doing my best.  challenging myself to be better, stronger and faster.  isn't that a commercial?  but yoga reminds me to breathe deep and focus.  to take in the good with every inhalation and to let stress leave me with every exhalation.  i miss that.  i need that.

it's been go-go-go for the past few weeks.  moving from one thing to the next.  grabbing as i go.  making it to places on time, prepared and ready to participate.  i'm not going to lie.  it's a little exhausting.  i'm managing.  but at moments it becomes overwhelming.

i find that this time of the year does this to me.  big projects are culminating, events we've been working on all year are ready to happen, and throw in that i'm training for one of the biggest challenges of my life just adds to the stress.  although every run is like a breath for me now.  i need that as much as i need yoga.  it has become part of me.

i am working on a week in the life although taking pictures has not been in the front of my mind as much as getting through the day.  but i have been taking some pictures.  i haven't had time to download them to the computer and share.  but i'll post them somehow. the pictures are an indication of where we are in our lives.  a visual history.  they will remind me that we were busy. working hard. supporting each other. and that despite the craziness of the week, we still managed to have fun.

this post is a good note on how this week is going.  a reminder that life moves fast and can be quite hectic and challenging at times.  we all have those kinds of weeks.  i'm looking forward to a slower pace.  a moment to see clearly and evaluate what i need to change to make these times a little easier.

it will come.
it always does.
and i will be able to breath deeply again.

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Sandy said...

Where's the like button on this? How come you're not posting on FB anymore? Miss you! Glad to see your post! ;)