Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend wrap up and weekly menu:: week 17

hello may!

i am still recovering from the weekend.  we packed about as much as you can into 3 days.  and i am exhausted.

friday andrew and i went to orange county to participate in a music festival with the 3rd and 4th grade chorus.  i, along with another mom, was asked to help coordinate the transportation. we made sure that they arrived at the festival, had lunch, made it to knott's berry farm and signed out at the end of the day. the kids sounded great and received an "excellence in performance" award by the judges.  then we had fun at the park going on rides, seeing some attractions and eating cotton candy.

 saturday we went to the farm to celebrate our friends' daughter's second birthday.  we love going to the farm and riding the tractors and the ponies.  and of course eating birthday cake, which was gorgeous.
we went straight from there to andrew's baseball game.  and then bob and d took the kids to burbank for a sleepover and a shopping excursion to toys r us.  do you think they missed us?

to end the day, bobby and i attended our school's gala.  another beautiful event on campus.  i'll share more pictures later this week.
thanks jennifer for taking this picture.
we ended the night at our friends' house for a nightcap and recap.  did i mention i had a 6:30 am haircut appointment that morning?  it was a very long day.

sunday we stayed home to do laundry and start packing for the kids' trips.  at night we went to my parents' house for my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law's bridal party get together.  it was nice to be all together and start talking details for the wedding.  i can't believe it's only 3 months away.  good thing she's organized and has everything pretty much ready to go.  i still need to find a dress! 

we have a low key week with some simple dinners.

monday - chicken fajitas with guacamole
tuesday - mango and black bean salad with shrimp and tortilla chips
wednesday - pasta with mascarpone, chicken and sundried tomatoes - last week's "experiment" went wrong. so i'm using a recipe this time.
thursday - grilled fish, salad and couscous - still working on the details.
friday - homemade pizza - we may end up going to bobby's baseball game, in which case we'll eat out.
saturday - dinner with friends
sunday - mother's day - not sure what we are doing yet.

planning on getting some much needed rest today.  have a great monday.

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Mary Jo said...

Oh my goodness, Mother's Day is next Sunday already!? I had forgotten until I saw your menu :)

Looks like a busy but fun weekend!