Thursday, May 5, 2011

five people twelve times:: 4.11

yes, i know it feels like i just posted march.  but the months are going by so fast.

he and she
had a few date nights. one that included a monte carlo night and greek food.
introduced the kids to the food truck.
played cards, scrabble and words with friends and are still speaking to each other.
talked about vacations.
talked about weddings.
talked about finances.
danced together for the first time in a long time.
laughed a lot.

struggled a bit in one of his best subjects.
learned that he can take action or live with the it.
he chose to take action.
is throwing around a football with ease.
got 4 shots and was a trooper.
made a still movie with his legos.
started mock trial again.
was obsessed with his watch and his ipod touch.

pitched another inning, much better this time.
wants to pitch some more.
discovered he may need glasses.
sang with his chorus at a music festival.
road on ghostrider at knotts for the first, and last, time.
stayed calm as his mother held on to him for dear life.
fell in love with roald dahl.
loved throwing his frisbee at the park.

visited the new neighborhood fire station.
spent a lot of time with her friend.
had a quiet spring break.
got new clothes for summer.
wore her pajamas, a crazy hat and had a wacky wednesday at school.
got six shots at the dr. and was such a trooper.
told anyone who would listen, all about it, for weeks.
grew up a lot - she's getting ready for kindergarten.

it felt like just a normal month.  which is a good thing.  it gave us plenty of time to prepare for this month.  cause ready or not, here it is.

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