Friday, May 27, 2011

five on friday :: my favorite things

yes, people i'm talking about oprah...again.

wednesday night my sister-in-law had an oprah viewing party for the final episode.  i still can't believe it's over.  have i mentioned how much i will miss the show?

a few ladies gathered together for food, drink and merriment.  can i just say how much i enjoyed my moscow mule?  i think i will be making these all summer.

sandra asked us to bring an appetizer or dessert and one of our favorite things under $5.  during commercial brakes we randlomly chose a number and got to take one of the favorite things home.  i ended up with a lotion which is perfect for the summer. i didn't stick to the $5 limit but only went over by $1.  i also had a hard time choosing my favorite in that range.  here were my options.
1. goody spin pin
a while ago i took the boys to get their hair cut and one of the women in the salon had her hair up in the most perfect bun.  i believe that it never hurts to ask when you see something that you like, so i asked her what her secret was.  she took out these two pins.  that's it.  you roll your hair into a bun and spin these pins into your hair and voila it stays, all day.  sometimes i do this in the morning with wet hair and at night i take it out and my hair has a really nice wave.  this was what i brought as my favorite thing, totally worth $6.29.

2. a notebook, pen and pencil
i am a believer in writing your story.  that is why i write this blog.  and that is also why i always carry a small notebook and pencil or pen in my purse.  unless of course i need a piece of paper and then realize that the kids have used my notebooks to draw cartoon characters on every, single, page.  it's a must to have paper in the car, my purse, the nightstand.  you never know when an idea will strike or an inspiration will hit or andrew will say something worth jotting down.  and i love this line by greenroom at target.  the notebooks are adorable.  

3. a giftcard to menchie's
the kids aren't the only ones that love frozen yogurt from menchie's.  we have a shop right by our house and i admit that i've been there without the kids on occasion.  their flavors are always different.  but my favorites are peanut butter and strawberry.  i top it with low fat granola, almonds, a few jelly beans, mochi and 2 pumps of caramel. what a great treat.

4. contadino pinot grigio
you can find it at trader joe's for about $4.99.  it's bubbly, fresh and so good in the summer.  it's my go to byob at parties.  

5. cover girl lash blast length
this one's a bit over the limit too but if you have a coupon or get it on sale it will run you about $5.  i used to get the more expensive mascara from estee lauder but have found that this one is just as good.  i worry more about the length of my lashes than the volume.  this is the perfect tool for that.  

so these are my favorite things in the 5(ish) dollar range.  if you have a favorite please share.

have a great weekend.  hope your celebrating memorial day in a relaxing way.  see you on tuesday.

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Gaby said...

The Chateau St. Michel Johannesburg Riesling. Just saying the name sounds so chic and people will not believe it usually runs about $4-$5 either at Trader Joe's or Ralph's.

Here are some of my other $5 or under faves:
- Chapstick
- Extra Mint Chocolate Chip gum
- Suave shampoo and conditioner (about $.87 right now at Target)
- Cafe Caramel from Coffee Bean
- Pumpkin bread from Starbucks
- Orange peeler from Crate and Barrel. ($.99) I've been wanting to get one of these from Tupperware for years and recently saw they sold them at C&B. So excited!
- $5 DVD from Target
- Costco hot dog and soda. Best $1.50 you'll ever spend! I'm hungry!