Friday, April 29, 2011

five on friday :: being a princess

the buzz in the air is all about the royal wedding today.  so i asked the expert, at least in our house,
what does it take to be a princess?

1. a crown or tiara
you wear it and it makes you look pretty.

2.  high heels
to make their feet look cute.  and sometimes you get to wear a glass slipper

3. nail polish and gloves
to make your nails and hands look pretty.

4. pretty dresses
like a pink one, a blue one, a yellow one, a green one, a purple one and a turquoise one.  some of them are poofy and sparkly.

5. a castle
they live with the king and quenn and some of them have step sisters.  and friends like pots.  they have a lot of dresses and a sunken ship like ariel.

when i knew i was having a girl i vowed not to let the "princess" word into our house.  but after the first princess shirt arrived, i let go of that.  you can't avoid it with all the pink and prettiness associated with girls. but i do end all our princess stories like this:

"they were married and lived happily ever after, because she went to college and got a job and met someone who loved her for who she was and they were equal partners that respected each other and shared responsibility of the household and children."  see, you can have it both ways.


Melissa said...

Love that version of living happily ever after- I'm taking notes! And I love that little princess in my shoes! So cute!

Mackenzie said...

Very cute pictures! And I LOVE the ending! :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect Princess Parable!

Isn't she just the cutest little girl! And whoever is lucky enough to end up with her will be her equal partner - she would not have it any other way! The Queen