Monday, May 23, 2011

weekly menu:: week 21

my first attempt at oreo truffles
if i told you what we did this weekend, i don't think you'd believe me.  i can't believe we packed in as much as we did.
a school festival all day on friday
a bridal shower in orange county
planning a wedding ceremony
softball practice
dress fitting for my sister's wedding
video game birthday party
preschool spring picnic
dinner with friends

we are exhausted.  luckily this week should be a little slower for everyone.  most of the school projects are done and we are winding down the year.  i can finally get to a lot of the things i haven't had time to do.  looking forward to getting some organization back into our lives.

i am seriously considering joining a csa (community supported agriculture program) this summer.  i love the idea of getting fresh produce delivered to our door and trying out some new fruits and veggies.  i will visit a farm in our neighborhood tomorrow and see what kind of program they offer.

here's our menu this week:

monday - dine out at a mexican restaurant for the baseball team
tuesday - caprese paninis, minestrone soup - looking for a good recipe
wednesday - breakfast for dinner strawberry french toast with cream cheese
thursday - roasted snapper fillet with cucumber and tomato salad
friday - homemade pizza 
saturday - bbq chicken, roasted potatoes, spinach and strawberry salad
sunday - eat out

hope your week is relaxing. 


Gaby said...

Those cake balls look amazing! Wait 'til Jen sees them. :)

Melissa said...

Those cake balls WERE amazing, yum! Thank you! Love having one of each- oreo & nutter butter!