Tuesday, May 24, 2011


here's what happens when i don't have a project to keep my mind and time busy.  i think.

i think about
projects i need to finish.
projects i'd like to start.
pictures i need to go through.
an iphoto library that needs to be edited.
writing something meaningful.
stories i want to tell.
new recipes i want to try.
a recipe i want to try again.
experimenting with my iphone camera.
finding a high school for jordan. (he has 2 more years of middle school)
school parties, showers and weddings
cleaning, organizing and simplifying.
plans for the rest of the school year.
plans for summer.
plans for september.
not working.
seeing this little boy again.
paint colors.
doing something inspiring.
this video.
what's taking me so long.
what i can do better.
who's reading this.

and it's only tuesday?!
what are you thinking about?
but more importantly, what are you doing about it?


Sarah said...

Aweee.... he's so handsome! What a great photo. He's thinking about when he'll get to see you and everyone again!

beannie said...

In the photo, Boden is thinking about how completely AWESOME he is!

Mackenzie said...

I'm thinking about how excited I am that this wedding is finally almost here!