Friday, April 22, 2011

five on friday

sunday, april 24 will mark my blogiversary, as they say.  i have been writing here, and on my old mac site, for 4 years.  crazy.  but so cool.

5 things i've learned from blogging.

1.  it's important to share my story.
recording our story, pictures and everyday life means something to me and to my family.  when i look back at my first post 4 years ago, i can remember what life was like.  the kids were younger, but still adorable.  life was changing and hectic and fun.  it still is but in a different way.  i am so happy i have those stories documented here.

2.  believe that every post matters
yes, this is fun.  yes, this is an outlet.  no, i don't think this will become my career. since january i've been able to post daily, monday through friday.  but i don't want to post just to have something up.  i want to say something.  and i want it to mean something to someone.

3.  share what i love
my favorite posts are the ones that come from my heart.  those are the easiest to write and the ones i find get the best response.  whether it's stories about being mom, which i want to do more of, or stories about school or just plain pictures, it's things that have meaning in my life, big or small.

4.  i need an editor
i write in stream of consciousness which doesn't always work. it helps to have someone (bobby) read my posts and correct my spelling or syntax.  and also challenge me.  what did you mean?  i don't think your point comes through here.  it needs something.  and when i'm doubting what i wrote, he'll say it looks great, post it.  it helps that he's a writer as well.  he knows where i am coming from.

5.  just write
i have definitely kicked it up this year.  i am taking this more seriously.  in order for me to keep this up i have to find ways to simplify.  i write at night after the kids go to bed or in the day when i have some quiet time.  i plan ahead. i keep a notebook with me.  i think about writing all the time.  as i'm going through my day i ask myself questions:  what story do i want to tell today?  would anyone be interested in this thing that happened?  what is my intention? as a child i kept a journal and i challenged myself to write something everyday.  sometimes just a line.  sometimes more.  putting words down on paper, or a computer, can be so very powerful.

i'll be celebrating on sunday.  well, celebrating easter and my mother-in-law's birthday.  but maybe i'll have a little something special to remember this occasion.

are you wondering what to give on a blogiversary?  how about a comment.  that would be cool.


Mackenzie said...

Love your blog, Betty...always have! It's part of my morning ritual, and I read it while I'm eating breakfast before I head off to work. Happy blogiversary!

JdC said...

Wow, four years. I need catch up! Congrats!

Ursula said...

5 years! that is awesome. I've been trying for about two but haven't really gotten much traffic. But then I don't post daily. It always slips through the cracks. Better in the last year though. I know what you mean about wanting to say something that means something.

Mary Jo said...

Happy Blogiversery! :)

Gina Yager said...

Congratulations!!! I had no idea you had been blogging for so long. You are inspiring me to leave a story for my children and write more.

ArlaMo said...

Happy Blogiverary!!

Angela said...

Yay!!! Happy 4th Blogiversary! :)

Melissa said...

I love your blog Betty and have probably been following for 4 years! You make me laugh, cry, and smile almost daily! Sometimes all in the same post. I aspire to someday blog like you do... but for now once or twice a month is all I'm managing :) Happy blogiversary!