Monday, April 11, 2011

weekly menu:: week 15

monday morning.  i have not been looking forward to your return, but i accept you.  i will miss sleeping in.  i will miss the leisure life.  i will miss my boys.  but i accept that life has to return to "normal".

this week's menu.  sorry it's not very inspiring but that may change as the week moves on.

monday - tortellini soup and garlic bread
tuesday - teriyaki chicken, rice and vegetables
wednesday - corn dogs and sausage with peppers and salad
thursday - chicken sopes or tostadas
friday - grilled fish with vegetables
saturday - leftovers or breakfast
sunday - dinner with my parents

this week is teacher appreciation week at our school.  i am coordinating the luncheon on friday at school.  this is one of my favorite events.  parents are so eager to help and show our teacher's and administrators how much we value what they do for our kids.  this time we are serving an international salad bar to go with our school wide theme of ancient world cultures.  i am looking forward to tasting some good food.  and i will be making one of my favorites, couscous salad with a basil buttermilk dressing.  i'll share the recipe next week.

happy monday everyone.


lisa truesdell said...

your teacher appreciation meal sounds wonderful - what a fun idea!

Teka Cochonneau said...

Thanks for sharing your weekly menu... I have been feeling uninspired cooking wise lately. Teriyaki chicken is sounding yummy!

AnnaMarie said...

I'm with you about today - I miss my girls already AND was so not happy or willing to jump back into the typical crazy morning routine after spring break! :-P And...we dive right in with soccer practices this week so I'm loving your menu, and may need to steal a couple ideas myself!! :) How awesome to have such supportive parents at the school - the teacher appreciation meal sounds awesome! :)

Jennifer said...

what are chicken sopes? Your menu sounds awesome! :)