Thursday, April 21, 2011


i'm in inspiration mode.  to be inspired and to turn that inspiration into something.  i can see glimpses of it.  people's reactions to things i've posted here, conversations that i've had with friends, thoughts that are in my head for days until i am able to get them down on paper or onto my computer or into my art journal.  i feel like i'm a sponge taking it all in, reacting to it internally and then putting out my own positive energy.

personally i feel myself changing.

change - the definition that fits me right now is
to become different or undergo alteration.

i am there, "undergoing alteration".
focusing on the person i want to be.
finding ways to become better.
a better mom
a better wife
a listener
a doer
someone who is positive
someone that believes in goodness
someone that has passion
someone that makes a difference
someone who lives honestly
someone that lives with joy
someone who fights for what she believes

and over the last few weeks i have been challenged.
i have examined and reexamined.
i have searched.
i have breathed.

it's crazy how you focus on something and it all starts to fall into place.
you have to be in the right place to accept it.
being open to change and inspiration makes life bright and refreshing.
those little details become the big picture.
those moments that you would otherwise let go of, linger and stir in you.
the words you see evolve and transform you.

there is change going on around me, now more than ever.
my sister is getting married.
sofia is starting kindergarten.
bobby's career is moving forward.
i have new friendships.
i am searching for "my passion".

this morning after letting the boys in on an exciting "secret" involving their school, andrew said "i don't like change.  i want things to stay the same."  he tends to react that way.  jordan's reaction was, "it's a part of life andrew.  you have to get used to it and enjoy it."

it's scary.
it's exciting.
it's emotional
it is change and i embrace it.


Kristin said...

<3 Good luck with everything; I'll be rooting for you :)

lisa truesdell said...

what a powerful quote!

ArlaMo said...

I waffle between loving the excitement of change and being content with continuity. Great thoughts - thanks for sharing!

Ursula said...

I so understand this. I've been really seeking God for strength to change certain patterns in my life that need to go. Change is a wonderful thing, but very difficult at the same time. The nice thing is to be able to look back and see how much I really have changed and grown over the years.