Thursday, April 14, 2011

five people twelve times:: 3.11

is it in like a lion out like a lamb?  or in like a lamb out like a lion?  either way march came in with a roar and ended very quietly.  march tends to sneak up on me.  i guess because i am just feeling like i am getting used to the new year or maybe because february is such a short month.  either way, it comes too fast. here's the roundup on last month.

broke his finger playing baseball one sunday morning.
made a beautiful video for our sister-in-law's 40th birthday that made everyone cry.
worked hard and made it count.
rode his bike to the gym, until he broke his finger.
didn't just coach the cardinals, he inspired them.
he supported her for 3.2 miles and then some.
played a mean game of words with friends.
beat his grandparents at scrabble - oops did i say that out loud.

turned 41.
blogged like a mad woman.
learned that pictures really are worth a thousand words.
felt cautiously optimistic.
hurt her ankle while running 4 miles, but continued to run 5.
crossed the finish line in record time.  ok she doesn't have a record.  well now she does.
had ideas and creative thoughts that kept her up at night.
lost a very special uncle.
had too much on her plate but somehow kept it balanced.

took cartooning as his elective and loved it.
earned a scholarship from his school for the second year in a row.
had a parent teacher conference that made them proud.
learned that effort and care directly affect his grades.
went to a middle school dance and didn't dance.

pitched one inning in his little league game.
learned that speaking up is the only way to be heard.
rode space mountain for the first time and loved it.
had a parent teacher conference that made them proud.
was an adorable oompa loompa.  but doesn't see theatre in his future.

had tons of playdates with her friends.
made orange juice with oranges from our tree with her dad.
got pink eye and was so patient at urgent care for 2 hours.
learned her limits the hard way.
loved being the snack girl and planning the menu for her friends.
is officially signed up for kindergarten.

went to disneyland with the grandparents and had so much fun.
went to san diego and spent time with family.
filed our taxes early and got our refund.
couldn't believe we were paying almost $4 a gallon.
focused on supporting, teaching and listening to each other.

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Allison said...

Sounds like you all had a GREAT month!

ArlaMo said...

I love these kinds of posts. Such great memories!