Monday, April 25, 2011

easter weekend and weekly menu

i don't know how i am going to post about food when i ate so much over the weekend.

we started eating at friday's pot luck at the park with some moms from the preschool.  then dinner at my parents.  saturday took the kids to see rio.  fun and colorful movie.  that night we decided to go to easter vigil mass since we knew that our sunday was packed.  mass was at 7:30 pm and we didn't have dinner before going.  well, this mass included a beautiful candlelight procession into the church, followed by nine readings, followed by lots of singing, followed by baptism of r.c.i.a. candidates, followed by more readings and more singing.  2 1/2 hours later we were starving and so tired.  we ended up at ihop  at 10 o'clock for some pancakes.

easter sunday we had an italian breakfast with bob and d, angela and mike.  crepes, ham, an italian casserole and an egg hunt.

 look who found the golden egg.

for dinner we visited the great grandparents and celebrated my mother in law's birthday.  more ham, birthday cake and more easter candy.  it was all so good, but so filling.

honestly, i feel like this week i need to have water and celery but i don't think the family would appreciate that.  i'll have to spend some extra time on the treadmill instead.

monday -tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
tuesday - pasta with chicken, sundried tomatoes and light cream sauce (looking for a recipe that has these ingredients.  i might have to make something up.)
wednesday - turkey chili and cornbread (perfect for after baseball game)
thursday - panko crusted salmon,green beans and roasted potatoes
friday - andrew and i are going to knott's berry farm for a music festival all day.  bobby and the other kids will eat out.
saturday - our big gala at the kids' school. so looking forward to this night.
sunday - homemade pizza

and thanks to everyone for the sweet comments on friday.  i love writing this blog and it makes me happy that people enjoy reading it.

wishing you a wonderful monday.

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