Tuesday, April 26, 2011

wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'

i've been daydreaming lately about hopping on a plane and going somewhere.  new or familiar.  near or far.  i think i just need a vacation.  for a few days or an extended stay.  just the two of us, or the whole family. i think about sleeping in a hotel room.  someone else making the beds.  someone else cooking.  no bills or emails to look at.  seeing new things.  hanging out together.  feeling rejuvenated.  just having fun.

here are a few of the places i have in mind.  some are happening and some are just ideas and dreams.

san luis obispo - we were here last fall for the wedding of bobby's step-sister.  we got to see some of the town and nearby locations and i fell in love with the little neighborhoods.  antique stores, restaurants, and beaches.  we will be going back in july for another wedding and are hoping to make a mini vacation of it.  it's relatively close to home and yet it feels like we went somewhere.

las vegas - we're not gamblers but lately heading out to vegas for a few days of good food, entertainment and a sweet hotel sounds like fun.  it would be an adults only trip but a much needed getaway.  i think about hanging out by the pool, shopping, having some drinks and losing some money at the slot machines just for fun.  we were here for a few hours 3 years ago on our way home from a road trip.  we stayed at an rv park. not exactly the glamorous life but fun still.  vegas sounds like a good time to me.

chicago - i've never been.  i've always wanted to go.  the shopping and city life.  the amazing restaurants and architecture.  did i mention the shopping?  my dad used to go to chicago on business trips and that's as close as i've gotten.  yes, i imagined myself going with a group to see the oprah show.  but that never came to be.  there is still hope, right?    maybe it's the fact that every time someone says "chicago", the kids simultaneously jump into a chorus of "chicagoooo, chicagoooo" from an episode of the kids show victorious.  silly, but that's our kids. it just sounds like a city i would enjoy.

palm springs - there is something about palm springs that sounds lovely to me.  maybe it's from watching all of those episodes of mad men and thinking about the sixties and martinis and frank sinatra.  we will be going in june for a few days.  bobby will be teaching at a seminar and the kids and i will be hanging out by the pool.  and we are staying in a super cool resort.  the best part is that it's right after school gets out.  it will be the perfect way to celebrate the end of a great school year.  looking forward to it.
tuscany - still dreaming about our trip 2 years ago to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  which reminds me, i never finished those posts...  it was the most incredible trip.  just the two of us all over tuscany.  we want to take the kids next time.  they are studying ancient world cultures and a vacation like this would be the perfect field trip.  hopefully we can stay at the same house.  it was perfect and close enough for day trips to pisa, volterra, lucca and siena.  someday, we will go back.

new york - what can i say?  i  ny.  see some plays, hang out in time square and central park.  shop and see the sights.  we took the kids when they were little but they don't remember much of it.  heck, i hardly remember it.  but i would love to see the museums, go to a baseball game.  eat, eat, and eat.  this one will take some convincing for bobby.  he is not a city person and has "been there, done that."  so i may need to make a girls trip somehow.  any takers?

hawaii - this has been on our vacation list for the past few years.  our last time there we stayed at a private house on the beach in maui.  it was amazing.  the beaches, the warm sun, the soft sand.  snorkeling, a cocktail, the sunset.  what's not to love?  really!  not this year, but hopefully next year we will return.  and after a few recommendations we may go to the big island.  it sounds so relaxing.

i know some of you will be disappointed that the list didn't include a houseboat, rv or quads.  trust me those are always on the list, just not mine.  maybe bobby should share his list and we could have you choose our next vacation . . .

i am really happy to say that i am taking a little trip next month with my sister to one of these destinations.  totally unexpected, totally quick but totally gonna have a blast.  will share more once the plans are confirmed.

feel free to guess or let me in on your summer plans.


Jennifer said...

we are off to Turks & Caicos for our 20th anniversary this June. Then we are taking a family cruise out of New Orleans to Honduras, Cozumel, and Belize. Sounds awesome!

Angela said...

i love this list! great choices, and i hope you guys have the chance to take the kiddos to italy... that would be a vacation of a lifetime! :)

a girls trip to ny would be so much fun, and i would totally be in for that one!! shopping, sightseeing, starbucks every day, shopping, cocktails, broadway shows... oh! and did i mention shopping?! :)

p.s. i love the hawaii photo. the boys were SO little...cute!! :)

Mackenzie said...

So glad you guys like SLO...we love it too! Know that you're always welcome to escape up here and visit.

If you need any info or tips for Hawaii...let me know.

I'd love to go to Chicago & New York too. So much good food, sights and shopping!

Our summer will be filled with a little thing called a wedding! And our honeymoon in Antigua...so excited!

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty! So glad that you and your sister will be stepping out!!! What a time you will have!! Love the picture of the family in Hawaii - what a sweet little family. Love Mom