Wednesday, June 17, 2015

wrapping up another year

first day of school
yesterday i was printing pictures for my project life album and it hit me how fast this school year went by.  i remember the first day as if it happened last week.  bobby and i were getting ready to go to toronto for the film festival and the kids were excited about starting the school year and being with their friends again.  

i also remember what we hoped for this year, more peace, trying new things, being consistent and committed, being on top of it, having fun and letting go.  

their friendships grew stronger and said so much about who they are; honest, caring and supportive beings.  there was a mix of drama and emotion but they learn to get along and more importantly care about each other, so they work it out. big life lesson for sure.

 they were serious about studying. even if they left some things for the last minute. andrew learned about not just doing what is required but going beyond that to explore and learn and get the most out of the experience.

he worked as the teacher's assistant in humanities when they read the fellowship of the ring. along with his two friends he wrote tests and lesson plans using his extensive knowledge of tolkien and history.  this was a highlight of the year for him.

sofia worked hard on her reading and spelling.  it takes her a bit longer and she has to be patient and consistent but we saw a lot of growth this year.  what mattered most was that she wanted to improve and she worked hard at it this year. she would get frustrated sometimes but she never gave up.

this was the year sofia did a moon journal. she observed and recorded the phases of the moon for a month. i love that i have all three of the kids moon journals to look at now.  it's fun to see the differences and similarities in their work. 

they enjoyed going to school dressed up for halloween and having fun at the carnival.

she came to school as walt disney and nancy drew for her book report presentations.

and they showed their school spirit at sports day, super hero day and crazy hair day.

he concentrated on baseball but also stood out as a fast runner. we are considering switching him to track or cross country since it looks like his baseball career might be over.

she played soccer and volleyball for school. she isn't afraid to try anything and enjoys being a part of the team, even though it meant a lot of practice.

 sofia also spent her time participating in the school musical as young shrek. although she didn't have any lines, she took her part seriously and was excited to be on stage. we know this is something she will continue doing.

andrew went to all of the middle school dances and game nights. he took fencing and a gaming class as electives. he stepped out of his comfort zone a little bit more this year and i think found it's not such a scary place.

he went away for a week to catalina where he kayaked, snorkeled and hiked. 

she went away for the first time, closer to home and for only a few days. it was an adventure that she really enjoyed and can't wait to go back next year.

they presented their unit of inquiries at the end of the year as part of the ib program. this is going to happen a lot next year and we can't wait to see what they discover and learn.

the kids each got to spend time with their teachers. andrew had a game night with his friends and the technology teacher and she got to go horseback riding.

they spent a lot of time in the car together. when they weren't fighting they were playing cards, singing songs and making each other laugh.


it was a pretty awesome year for her. she is growing up into such a special person. i love how interested she is in school and how hard she works at doing her best - even when it doesn't come easy. i admire her outgoing personality and her genuine care and respect for her classmates and teachers.


and it was an awesome year for him. he is a quiet young man but a deep thinker who will take on any challenge. one of his teacher's wrote: He is always positive in class and his fun sense of humor makes the atmosphere better for all. 

next year will be his last year at cha and then he moves on to high school. hard to believe. but i know he's ready. the question is, am i?

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