Tuesday, June 30, 2015

currently | june

dealing with a summer head cold. it started with a bad sore throat and now a cough and congestion. or it's allergies. either way it's yuck.

clearing out space and getting rid of things we don't need/use. purging feels so good.

catching up on my documentation. it's so easy with project life and so fun with some new stamps.

feeling proud when i walked into target yesterday and saw the dvd for beyond the reach. it will never get old.

eating tuscan cantaloupe from trader joe's. i buy at least one a week and we eat it right away. next time i'm buying a package of prosciutto with it and calling that my lunch.

regretting not planting tomatoes this year. the time got away from us and it just didn't happen. it makes me mad every time i have to buy them at the store.

wondering if it's too late now to plant?

considering some new paint colors for the house. our kitchen and our bedroom need a new coat. i was inspired to lighten things up after seeing the gorgeous model homes this weekend.

looking forward to seeing ant man when it comes out. bobby went to the premiere last night and said it's amazing!

getting used to my shorter hair. cut off about 6 inches and it's nice for summer.

listening to ingrid michaelson. went to her concert with my sister at the greek and really enjoyed her show.

driving jordan to and from swim practice every night,  andrew to and from science fiction writing club, and sofia to and from playdates.

thinking "the kids" would love it if i made these mini donuts.

figuring out vacations and jobs and creative endeavors and work that needs to get done.

enjoying these moments, this summer.

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