Thursday, June 11, 2015

today & to do 6/11


  • is officially the first day of summer for all of us - doing the happy dance.
  • i looked through the kids' yearbook and got sentimental. 
  • we did breakfast at 11 am. does this mean i don't need to worry about lunch?
  • is a do whatever you want to do day. it's a reward for working so hard all year.
  • we are wearing pajamas until we need to go out.
  • i'll do some organizing so we can have fun next week.
  • my sister and i are going to the ingrid michaelson concert. so excited!
to do
  • clear out backpacks and school clothes.
  • order some inserts for my traveler's notebook. now that it's summer and our schedule isn't so hectic i can carry something a little lighter. this notebook will house a weekly calendar and a journal to keep track of our summer adventures and lists.
  • go to school to pick up a little gift to sofia from her teacher.
  • figure out lunch, they're already asking.
  • wash andrew's baseball uniform. his team is playing for the tournament championship this weekend. what a season it has been! #gododgers
  • take andrew to the batting cages. see above.
  • get some tuscan melons from trader joe's.
  • laundry and pack for a mini disney getaway.
today is going to be ridiculously amazing!

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