Tuesday, June 23, 2015

disney days

we went to disneyland to celebrate the end of school, the beginning of summer and to spend some time together - just the five of us.

we were able to score a room at the disneyland hotel thanks to our personal disney travel agent ; ).

it's the original hotel and has that disney feel that i remember when i would come here with my family. the room was perfect for the five of us with two queen beds and a daybed.  we loved all the magical disney touches.

our first stop was the pool. the kids went down the water slides and swam in all three pools.

bobby and i sipped cocktails, read books and hopped in the jacuzzi for some much needed relaxation time.

then we went to downtown disney.

 a very cool display for the movie inside out.

not taking it too seriously.

we saw fireworks, ate ice cream and went into a bunch of stores. it's a fun place to hang out on a friday night.

we dropped the kids off in the room and turned on the fireworks headboard.  it was so pretty.  then bobby and i went downstairs to check out trader sam's enchanted tiki bar.

we waited outside for a bit because they were over capacity. when we finally made it in we enjoyed the fun vibe.

we sat with a couple that was in line with us. they are teachers in san diego just like some of our cousins. we chatted and had a couple of tiki drinks with them.

the next morning jord, sofia and i met grandpa tom at disneyland at 7 am to get into the park early. we  wanted to ride matterhorn, then we zipped over to big thunder and pirates before the crowds got there. the early entrance is such a great bonus to staying at the hotel.

bobby and andrew got to sleep in because they weren't going to the park. we met them at goofy's kitchen for breakfast. this was a little over priced and not really a must for our kids who are older but it was still a fun thing to do. and now i have to dig up photos of the boys when they were younger and we came here.

sofia had to get one more swim in the pool before we checked out.

then we said goodbye to andrew and bobby. they took the train back to chatsworth so andrew could play in the championship baseball game. he was really bummed to have to leave but he also didn't want to miss the last game of the season. and he's so happy he didn't.

they won the game and were the tournament champions!!

 back at the park the kids and i went to california adventure and rode california screamin'. i've been trying to convince anyone to ride with me and finally they did.

we did toy story, soaring over california and the little mermaid ride.  then we went to the wharf for some soup in a bread bowl.

our goal was to go back to disneyland and watch the parade and fireworks, but it was so crowded when we went back and we were exhausted from getting up early. we just wanted to go home.

next time around we need to book two nights to have more time and get some rest in between.  we'll have to contact our travel agent to see if there is room later this year.

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