Thursday, June 25, 2015

dads & dodgers

on sunday we celebrated father's day at dodger stadium. my niece brought up the idea in may for our families to get together at the game.  it's quite a feat to get 18 of us on a specific date but this year it worked - minus 2 boys and +1 girlfriend.

we got there early to avoid the crowds and brought in deli sandwiches and snacks (did you know you could do that?) we usually bring our own hot dogs and water. it gets expensive with the tickets and parking.  other times we just eat at the stadium club.

of course some things you have to buy at the stadium.

our family loves baseball and especially the dodgers - win or lose. this was such a fun way to celebrate the dads. it would be awesome if this became the tradition for all of us.

the dodger players got to bring their kids down to the field to warm up and throw out the first pitch before the game.

one little girl was in her happy place. she pays attention the entire game and even has some favorite players. she is super excited to go to the hello kitty game with bobby in a few weeks.

the game was capped off  by a dodger win and we passed on the opportunity to play catch on the field after the game. we missed having jordan with us. he was at a concert with his cousin.  this was a blast and we're thankful for a great day.

we came home with a cool dodger giveaway for all of our bbqing this summer.

this photo was taken by my sister and is missing my other brother's family.
yay for dads, yay for dodgers, and yay for family!

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