Wednesday, June 3, 2015

our weekend in photos

let's start with friday. the kids had their student showcase at school. cha is currently a candidate school for the international baccalaureate program. for the last six weeks they have been studying units of inquiry and on friday they presented their findings to the parents and other school mates.

andrew did a presentation on redesigning one of the classrooms to function as an idea lab for the middle school. they had to meet with the head of middle school and the head master to determine the needs and budget of the space.  then the group researched learning environments, furniture, technology and ergonomics to come up with their proposals. they created the space using minecraft.

he also did a presentation on the renaissance period, which i heard was amazing and a music presentation where they asked the question, is there any bad music?

sofia's class created a mini society. they came up with a pledge of allegiance, their own currency, laws and jobs for each member of the society.  sofia was elected mayor of the society and had to govern and take a leadership role - she loved it.

then they stimulated their economy by opening the market where each student "sold" a good or service.

sofia taught yoga lessons. she came up with her concept, had business cards made and gave out mint brownies to her customers.

i love the ib concept and appreciate that this was student driven, takes a lot of the pressure off the parents. i'm looking forward to attending the graduation next week. the 8th grade students got to design the graduation themselves.

and of course on friday we went to tgifridays.

and had queso dip.

saturday bobby took andrew and sofia to the school camp out. they went to castaic with other families from school and had fun climbing trees, playing with bottle rockets and roasting s'mores.

jordan and i slept in our comfy beds and celebrated my brother's birthday. on sunday we went to breakfast and church with my parents.

andrew had a game in the afternoon while jordan and i went to his swim banquet. so much good food.

and these gorgeous cupcakes.

they handed out awards to the league winners, academic athletes and individual awards to some students.

jordan won the most inspirational swimmer award for the boys' jv team. the coach talked about how he always came to practice ready to work and with a good attitude. he wanted to train with the varsity boys to push himself. he did well in the races and was always looking for ways to improve his time. and even after the season was over he continued to come to the pool with his friend eddie who was training for cif finals. eddie won most inspirational swimmer for the boys' varsity team. he is an outstanding young man and has been a good mentor and friend to jordan. and he's almost 7 feet tall!

jordan with the coaches and one of our friends - she won the coach's award for the girls' varsity team.

sunday night we settled into bed to watch game of thrones, o.m.g! what an episode. no spoilers here but there is one scene that i can't stop thinking about.

it was a great end to a really good month.

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