Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 summer goals

is it already time to talk about summer? hard to believe but summer has started for jordan and it's just 1 week away for the other kids. i'd better have a plan if i want to keep them entertained.

ok, the list is more adult friendly than kid friendly, but trust me they will have lots of fun too.

i didn't state the obvious:

  • lots of pool time
  • pajama days
  • drink water
  • go to the movies
  • have playdates
  • go to disneyland
these are always on our summer lists. but here's some new ones.
  • venture out of the valley for restaurants, shops and things to do & places to hike. huntington library, museums downtown, rooftop restaurants. here's a good list to work from.
  • visit the library with the kids. this is something we don't do at all. we all have library cards, let's put them to good use. and i have quite a list going of books to read.
  • plan get togethers with the ladies. i always manage to plan playdates for the kids in the summer but i want to do some girls' night out too. maybe a cooking class or one of the paint parties or a book club. 
  • get 10,000 steps a day. anything goes; hikes, running, after dinner walks with the kids, cycling, yoga, etc.
  • go to a beer, wine, or food festival. summer is the right time for hanging out outside with hundreds of people sipping, tasting and enjoying the summer.
  • lots of camping. we don't have a big summer vacation planned as of yet so we are looking at taking a bunch of long weekends and getting out into nature. campsites are tough to find at this point but we're going to try.
  • start a technology token/ticket system with the kids. we talked about this yesterday. they get a certain number of tickets or tokens each week and they can spend them all at once or spread them out throughout the week. interested to see if this works and cuts down on the complaining when it's time to shut off the games and iPads.
  • plan a weekend getaway with bobby. we haven't gone away in a while. but cabo is sounding really good to both of us.
  • go to outdoor concerts. i have one on my calendar already and the hollywood bowl has some awesome shows coming up.
  • brew real coffee. i love my keurig. but summertime means less rush in the morning and maybe a little extra time to learn about making a good cup of joe.
  • create a summer cocktail. something we can call our own and that we will enjoy sipping on a hot summer evening.  
  • swim club - he started swimming with a club this week and is loving it so far. he wants to keep in shape to make varsity next year.
  • drumming - he does it for hours outside, walking around with his snare drum and marching. 
  • learn to drive - despite my anxiety he's got to get his license. don't worry i won't teach him.
  • perfecting his nerf gun, video game and role playing skills. i see a lot of nerdy game nights in the summer.
  • golf camp. we think he'll enjoy learning a new sport and his baseball swing will help. 
  • prep for his last year at cha. he needs to do some serious thinking about high school.
  • learn how to skateboard. again my anxiety might hold her back a bit but she really wants to learn.
  • playdates with her friends. they love spending time together.
  • swim. she would spend her entire summer in the pool if we let her. and she really wants one of these.
that should keep us busy for a while, right?

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