Monday, June 15, 2015

2015 weekly menu #25

i had so many food photos to choose from this week. first because i take a lot of food photos, and second because we ate a lot of pretty food this week.  this bread bowl is from the wharf at california adventure this weekend.

i'm feeling all of the calories we've been eating lately and it's time (after a good breakfast out with bobby) to cut the calories and get back on program. do i say this every week? it's a struggle but i'm at that point where it's a must! and what a perfect time to load up on fruits and veggies.

weekend eats
saturday: clam chowder and broccoli and cheese bread bowls
sunday: chinese food

making this week
monday: italian chopped salad
tuesday: shrimp lettuce wraps, veggie spring rolls
wednesday: grilled sausages, pineapple, veggies
thursday: flank steak, rice, salad
friday: pizza

drinking lots of water this week too. flavoring it with oranges, strawberries and limes.

hope you have a good week.

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