Thursday, January 29, 2015

super bowl snack ideas

this year we are not going to a super bowl party.  jordan has a fundraiser with his band in the morning and i am volunteering.  in the afternoon he has a rubik's cube competition - i know, so nerdy cool.  we are planning to watch the game at home and enjoy some good food but not with a big crowd.

we know the super bowl is all about the commercials, the halftime show and the FOOD!!  if i were hosting a super bowl party here's what you might find on my table.

from good housekeeping
this is so stinking cute.  a 7 layer dip surrounded by a crowd of chips, veggies, and drinks. love it.

from jelly shot test kitchen
sophisticated jello shots in the team colors.

from my frugal adventures
brownies in the shape of footballs.  i am making these for the band cake fundraiser.

from michelle paige
a bowl of super bowl rings. so simple and fun for the kids.
from bon appetit
the one thing i am making this sunday is nachos.  i mean look at how yummy these are.  i will make a lightened up version with ground turkey and reduced fat cheese but i expect it will be just as tasty.

from skinny mom
we call this pep-chee-crack; pepperoni, cheese and crackers but in the shape of a football.

from less than perfect life of bliss
 and maybe a popcorn and candy bar using the team colors.

that should be enough to keep a crowd happy.  let me know if you have some cool ideas for the game.

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