Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 goals & intentions

daily goal tracker
it's just the 3rd week of january and it feels like a great start to this new year.  my focus this year is to live a full life.  to take some chances, to do instead of think and to appreciate the moments as i'm doing them.  but it's fun to have a list that you can cross thing off of.

i am inspired by a few others i've seen from elise and joy.  i especially like that joy calls it the best of intentions.  it's january, there is a lot of energy into changing habits and cultivating new ones,  but it could all crumble next month. for now these are my intentions for this new year.

  • write something everyday (not bad so far)
  • read more & watch less tv
  • blog like it's my job
  • spend less time on my phone
  • practice yoga more deeply
  • start an art journal
  • organize/purge my craft space so i can create
  • redesign my blog (this is on my list every year but i'm gonna do it it's my intention this year!)
  • go on hikes; with friends, with bobby and with the kids
  • update our home; minor fixes and interior design, and a new backyard space
  • push my creativity in the kitchen
  • use my hand lettering skills for something creative (accepting ideas for this)
  • go on one photography, food, personal and creative adventure
  • grow new vegetables in the garden - lettuce, herbs, flowers
  • mark my birthday in a special way 
  • document it all, or at least most of it
this is going to be a busy and exciting year.  we have so much to look forward to.  if i can cross off some of these things i will call that a win.  i have every intention of making it happen.

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