Friday, January 30, 2015

around here | january

it's hard to believe this month is almost over.  january was filled with so many exciting moments and i hope that will mean the year will be just as exciting.

i rejoined weight watchers and have been working on being aware of what i am eating.  i loved this graphic that they post in the meeting room about being realistic.  i can always use the reminder.

i am back out running again.  official training doesn't start for another week but the pre-training will get my heart in shape for our first group run.  starting over is so hard.

enjoying this breakfast lately; oatmeal with blueberries, bananas, almonds and honey.

we celebrated january birthdays with the brockett's.  this time around it was mostly the cousins that gathered.  love this amazing family and the time we get to spend together!

we were at disneyland on sunday for jordan's parade.  there were no crowds so we were able to get on lots of rides quickly.  the weather was so nice and so far none of us have gotten the measles.

the kids did a great job marching and playing.  this parade was extra special because they played once upon a dream while our band director proposed to his girlfriend right on main street. you can see the parade here.  go to 2:30 to see the proposal.  it was so cute.

andrew got to invite a friend and they rode star tours 3 times which made them happy.  

our school is having a read-a-thon.  sofia is enjoying reading and raising money for her awesome school.  on wednesday the school had a bagels and books morning for students and parents. andrew is reading lord of the rings in his humanities class.  we love reading.

sofia also had her class play this week.  she played sir gwendolyn and her quest was to restore good manners in the kingdom.  it was a very entertaining play and the kids were amazing.

photo by debbie ferris
and she's been playing soccer like a beast.  she is just learning the game but seems to have control when she gets the ball.  she loves being a part of the school team and getting to play with the older girls.

bobby and i are playing an ongoing game of phase 10.  it's very similar to a card game i play with my parents but it has a twist with skip cards and phases.  bobby started a spreadsheet on his computer to keep track of every game we play.  last game i lost by only 5 points!

jordan is gathering quite a collection of twisty puzzles.  he is looking forward to competing this weekend. showing off his skills and learning some new ones.

here's what i'm reading.  i follow her blog and have enjoyed her writing style for a while now.  her book is emotional, especially if you are someone that has struggled with weight issues and self acceptance.  good read so far.

in the clear by the foo fighters is becoming my anthem.  i've been listening to it on repeat lately.  i love that the music was influenced by new orleans and the video was filmed at preservation hall.  dear new orleans, i miss you.

it was a tough week.  i was at school, notre dame and cha, everyday for meetings and events, we had 3 soccer games and our first team meeting for softball.  so glad it's friday and we get to enjoy some much needed time off. have a great weekend.

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