Friday, January 16, 2015

movie watcher

i'm always excited to find out the list of nominees for the academy awards.  i am a sucker for this hollywood event.  i've watched the show (pre-show, after party, what they wore specials) every year since i was little.  movies are a big part of our lives.  it's what bobby does, it's what i love. we've studied it, enjoyed them and critiqued many.  it's what we know.

i thought i would try to watch the movies nominated for best picture before the awards ceremony on februrary 22.  the list is good, which should make it easier to get through.


  • american sniper - bobby already saw this but i want to see it too
  • birdman -bobby watched this last night and really liked it
  • boyhood - we thought the concept was amazing, but we were not crazy about the story.
  • the grand budapest hotel - ummm, i would rather not. 
  • the imitation game - loved it!!!
  • selma - this is the perfect weekend to see it.
  • the theory of everything - wanted to see this in toronto.
  • whiplash - loved it!! saw this in toronto and again when we took the boys.
in addition there are a few movies nominated for other categories that i would like to see.
  • still alice - julianne moore for best actress - i wanted to read the book
  • gone girl - rosamund pike for best actress - read the book
  • wild - reese witherspoon for best actress - haven't finished the book
  • foxcatcher - steve carell  for best actor and mark ruffalo for best supporting actor
  • into the woods - meryl streep  for best supporting actress - saw the live musical and looking forward to seeing the movie
it's a good thing we have a 3 day weekend coming up. looks like i'll be eating lots of popcorn.

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