Wednesday, January 21, 2015

our weekend in photos

i was looking back at my photos from the past few weekends and i thought, "do we do anything other than eat over the weekends?"  apparently not.  or at least our activities seem to revolve around eating. or i take a lot of food photos.  they are probably all true. and i'm ok with that.

we had a four day weekend this past weekend.  the younger kids had friday off for a teacher-in-service day.  but i dragged them along to help put on the staff luncheon sponsored by the pto.

i love that we get to do this for the teachers and staff.  they work so hard to educate and care for our kids and we like to show them how much they mean to us.

this one was easy in that i just had to coordinate; hire the taco guy, help decorate the room, and clean up.  another mom made the sign, bought all the paper products and coordinated desserts.

the teachers were so grateful and enjoyed that it was on a non-school day so they could eat lunch together and not be rushed to get back to class.

 saturday 2 kids had sleepovers so we took jordan out to dinner.  we went to chi's in northridge for some chinese food.

we loved the place and the food was pretty fantastic.  lemon shrimp with rice noodles, string beans that were piping hot, and the orange chicken was delicious.  glad to have found this spot.

these chicken dumplings with a peanut butter sauce are worth coming back for.

after dinner we went home and watched a movie.   i crossed quite a few movies off the list this weekend.

theory of everything - loved it!
wild - liked it more than i expected
the grand budapest hotel - caught it on hbo and i enjoyed it
into the woods - with the kids on monday night.  loved the music, prefer it as a stage musical.

sunday morning bobby and i went to eat at the coolest cafe in our neighborhood.  it's a tiny restaurant that always has people outside waiting for tables.  the food here is different from a lot of places around here.  it's fresh, homemade, good food.  and we are so happy that they moved in. we found out they are moving a few doors down to a bigger place.  i still think the wait for a table will be long but so worth it.

i mean seriously with these biscuits and gravy. foodtography by bobby.

 we met up with sofia and our friends for a hike, some rock climbing and fishing for sunglasses.  hard to believe this place is right behind the kids' school.

jordan told us that they hike here during an elective at school.  how fun is that?

and then of course we had to eat.  so we invited my parents, sister, and brother-in-law over for leftover tacos (a perk of volunteering) and a very long game of phase 10.

on monday we rested, watched movies, played video games and ate.

 i realized that i was just a few stars away from getting a starbucks gold card and a few days away from going back to zero. so of course we had to buy more coffee - who says marketing doesn't work?

this was on saturday.  i had to pay for my drink separately to get the stars.  so she rang up bobby and then rang up bobby's girl.  i thought that was sweet.  on monday we were back again for 2 coffees and 3 hot chocolates.  now i am a gold card holder but i had my fill of coffee for a while.

glad to have had this time for some fun and good food.

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