Wednesday, January 7, 2015

christmas 2014

this holiday season was one for the books.  what made it so special for me was that i enjoyed every minute of it.  from the shopping for gifts to the christmas songs we listened to everyday to the cooking and eating. i took time to let the moment sink in knowing full well that it would be pass quickly.

before the kids went on break they had their holiday concert.  it was done a little differently this year; on campus, during the day, and school wide.  the music director hit it out of the park.  the music was fantastic and the kids were all showcased perfectly.

another difference this year was that the class parties were immediately after the performance.  it made for a very full and exciting day.

that weekend sofia went to the american girl doll store to celebrate her cousins birthday.

and we went to our friends' holiday party.  every year at his party we meet up with some friends of ours.  i wish we could make time to get together more than once a year.  maybe this year we will.

on sunday, sofia and i went to see a christmas carol at a local playhouse with friends from school.

and then to a summer solstice party. i love the tradition of celebrating the longest day of the year. they promised to make this a yearly event.

we took the kids to see the hobbit and enjoyed a theater all to ourselves.

i got to the store early to get food for christmas day and to finish off the shopping.

christmas eve we went to church with my parents. standing room only at the children's mass.

then we picked up chinese food for dinner and played some cards.

and we put the baby to bed.

christmas morning we enjoyed the fireplace on ktla and even more when "grandma" put another log on the fire. looking at this picture brings me right back to that morning.

santa made their wishes come true.

we were a little confused by our gifts from santa:  chocolate and a fitbit.  i guess you call that balance.

bobby got this cool blanket for the lego master.

i have our breakfast down at this point;  chocolate croissants, scrambled eggs, bacon, latkes with applesauce and fruit.  and to drink?  mimosas and hot chocolate. we look forward to the chocolate croissants every year - even though we could have them year round.

and the annual measuring of the kids.

pure joy.

christmas evening we went to my sister and brother-in-law's place for more merriment.

 my siblings.

and in-law selfies.

we do a gift exchange with my family - makes it a lot easier with ur big family.  it's always fun to see who everyone bought gifts for.  this year it was a perfect match.

after dinner we played heads up.

an awesome family selfie to end the night.

it was a very merry christmas.

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