Friday, June 28, 2013

5x12 | june

completely forgot to do this in april and may, or maybe i was too overwhelmed with school and graduation preparation.  i'll get current with june and maybe go back and do april and may later.  sound good?

  • jordan showed off his fresh drumming skills at the school talent show and rocked the house.
  • jordan played with his cousins band at his first gig and rocked the house.
  • jordan had his chapter presentation and was salutatorian at graduation.
  • jordan started water polo and has been to practice everyday.
  • andrew finished his baseball season on a high.  
  • at his team party his coach said the most amazing things about him. we were so lucky to be a part of his team for two seasons.
  • andrew's lego collection has grown.
  • andrew discovered the marx brothers' movies - and loves them.
  • sofia had her portfolio presentation at school. we are so proud of her for a great year.
  • she told me to take her with me to palm springs. "but i'm fun, mom."
  • she saw monsters, inc. in 3-d at el capitan.  thanks alyson.
  • she partied with the 5th and 8th graders at their end of the year parties.
  • bobby worked, planned, prepped and is now realizing a dream.
  • he is stressed but excited.
  • he had a great softball game that included a home run.
  • he rearranged the kids' rooms while i was away.
  • i bawled my eyes out at graduation.
  • i was ready for school to be over and summer to start.
  • i went away for a relaxing weekend with my sisters.
  • i'm loving having the kids home.  
  • our little vegetable garden is growing. 
  • our days revolve around water polo practice and games.
  • we've been to the beach, disneyland, movies and the zoo.
  • we ate lots of sushi.
june had days filled with emotion, relaxation and so much accomplishment.  believe it or not, we're halfway through the year.  

the best is yet to come.

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