Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 27

tacos al pastor
so last week:

  • i went to trader joe's every single day to get something for dinner. i just can't manage one big shopping trip in the summer.
  • the power went out right as i came home with a bag of groceries.  it took about 3 hours for it to come back on so we had a very late dinner.
  • we didn't get to the pizza place after jordan's game but we will this week - he has a double header.
  • we had dinner at a taco truck in north hollywood in search of the best tacos in the san fernando valley. they were good.
  • i cleaned out the pantry and threw out 2 big bags of food.  it feels good to have things on the shelf that i know we will eat.  and it's amazing how long things last, but also kind of gross. 
weekend eats:
saturday: sushi with cousins in san diego
sunday: tacos, sopes and quesadillas from la fonda

making this week:
monday: chicken tostada salad
tuesday: pizza
wednesday: bbq chicken quesadillas
thursday: 4th of july bbq
friday: eat out 

happy monday!

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