Tuesday, June 18, 2013

currents: 6.18

celebrating andrew's baseball championship this weekend.

waking at 6am now that jordan has water polo practice.

going to our first game tonight.

dealing with some creative self doubt.

thinking i'm just creatively overwhelmed.

prepping for a fun weekend of swimming, laughing and shopping with the girls.

reading is everyone hanging out without me?

eating foods that are minimally processed.

drinking coffee with no sweetener.

listening to sofia and andrew "negotiate" space for their toys in the living room.

hoping i don't have to intervene.

missing the gym, my run shoes, a stress reliever.

checking on my garden everyday.

waiting to see a tomato or cucumber pop up.

planning for next year.

balancing two school schedules.

wishing we had a vacation to look forward to.

enjoying some quiet time this week.

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