Wednesday, June 26, 2013

right now

i need to order more of this film to capture our summer - so fun.
jordan is getting through five hours of water polo practice today.
getting up at 6am in the summer is getting a little easier.  just a little.
i am starving but can't eat - i have a blood test at 9.
i am thinking about the starbucks i am going to get after the test.
our broken dishwasher is being used as a drying rack.
i have 129 photos that need to be developed and put into the album.
we are looking at getting this printer. hopefully so i can do some printing at home.
i am so excited that project life is being sold at michael's. not that i need anything.
bobby's project at work is becoming more of a reality everyday.
our weekends are booked til august.
our tomatoes have 6 little babies on them.
our strawberries have 0.
i have to clean out the pantry.
i am considering this as my next project.
did i mention i was hungry?
we are looking forward to going to the zoo and hanging out with cousins this weekend.
i am looking back at pictures from the weekend and missing the girls.
i better get ready before the other 2 get up.
it's all good.

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